Why You Should Think Twice Before Removing Blog Comments

Recently, a few top-notch bloggers, including Jay Dolan, of The Anti Social Media, and Copyblogger, have made the decision to get rid of blog comments. I have read (and re-read) each of their posts multiple times, trying desperately to understand the logic behind this move. They stated a number of reasons for removing comments including: […]

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Why All Community Managers Need To Read Spin Sucks? (It’s Not Just For PR Pros!)

I’ve been a fan of Gini Dietrich’s blog, “Spin Sucks” for a few years. So when I learned that she was writing a second book, Spin Sucks: Communication and Reputation Management in the Digital Age, after “Marketing in the Round” (another must-read by the way), I knew I just had to read it. It definitely […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Invest In “Real-Time Marketing”

It all seemed to start with a dunk in the dark in February 2013. The tweet from an infamous cookie brand heard round the world at last year’s Super Bowl. Yes, the famous Oreo dunk in the dark tweet. It was like a simultaneous lightbulb went off for thousands of brand marketers and agency folks. […]

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The Little Thing That Separates An Ordinary Community From An Extraordinary One

When it comes to building a loyal, strong community (be it online or offline), it’s often the little things that can make the biggest difference. A community will have these four principles in common. People not ideas Shared identity Rules and Guidelines Similar Values However what separates an ordinary community from a thriving, fanatical one […]

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Do Introverts Make The Best Community Managers?

Many people tend to assume that the best community and/or social media managers are classic extroverts. While there are certainly some, I believe that the best community managers are actually introverts. Here’s my reasoning behind it. You see, extroverts can be your classic outgoing types, that love to talk (especially about themselves). This ME-ME-ME outgoing […]

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8 Lessons I Have Learned From 8.5 Years On Facebook

Confession, I’ve been on Facebook for almost a 1/3rd of my life. Yeah, let that sink in for a bit. I came to that somewhat awesome, yet also semi soul-crushing realization a few days ago. When I joined the social network in mid 2005, I was a naive 17-year-old, who thought they knew a lot […]

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Reflections on Life 4+ Years Out Of College

To be honest, last week was one of the more challenging weeks I’ve experienced in quite awhile. Filled with some extreme highs (including my one year work-anniversary. ), as well as a few stressful lows, spread out over the first, full work week of 2014. Some of the lows I experienced this past week would […]

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The Art Of Developing A Loyal Community

Say what you want about the cable network, TLC, and their eccentric selection of shows.  While there is no denying they need a rebrand, they are definitely not “The Learning Channel” anymore. I have become absolutely addicted to their semi-scripted reality show, Breaking the Faith. It follows a group of young adults as they break […]

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