The Number 1 Mistake You Are Probably Making When Growing Your Online Community (And How To Fix It)

Every community has lurkers. They usually average between 60-80% of all members. That’s a significant chunk no matter how you slice it. No matter how great of a community manager you are, you will never get even half of these lurkers to be regular, active contributors. So, why does just about every community manager (including myself) […]

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Is Ello Just Another Bright, New, Shiny Social Media Object? (A Community Manager’s Perspective)

Community managers, marketers, PR pros and yes even journalists all have a collective obsession with new and shiny things. Over the last couple of weeks, a new social network started to create some buzz. The social media site is called Ello, and it’s claiming to be the “anti-Facebook.” Ello says it is “free-to-use,” “ad-free” and […]

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Why We Should Embrace Honesty and Vulnerability On Social Media

It’s rare when you come across a post that echoes the sentiments that you been thinking for awhile, but haven’t been able to articulate into words. That’s exactly what I felt after reading this post from C.C. Chapman. Only he articulated it 3 billion times better than I ever could. C.C. talks about the power […]

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15 Tweets You May Have Seen If Twitter Was Around In The 1990s

For those who don’t know, I have a bit of a 90s nostalgia theme going on in this blog, with posts like this and this. I also may be slightly addicted to Twitter. I wanted to have a little fun with a new 90s inspired post. This time, it’s about 15 tweets you may have […]

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What Does It Really Mean To “Surprise And Delight” A Client?

There’s a good chance you have seen this video from TD Bank floating around the Interwebz over the last week. They essentially rigged an “ATM” for a short period time to say, “Thanks!” and dispense meaningful gifts to some of their loyal customers. On the surface, this seems really awesome. A big brand- a bank […]

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Is Customer Service Becoming The New Marketing?

What’s the best customer service experience that you have ever had?  I want you to take a couple of minutes and think about all the recent and/or not-so-recent customer service experiences you have had. Many of them are probably pretty “meh.” Nothing great, nothing outrageously terrible. But, what was that stand-out customer experience? What made […]

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6 Tips from ForumCon for Building Addicting Online Communities That Scale

I just got back from ForumCon yesterday, and I’m now crazy inspired after a couple of days of general community management awesomeness. This conference was a perfect blend of of high-level strategy and real-time tactics. This was anchored by top-notch speakers, like Jeff Atwood, Richard Millington, David Spinks, Justin Isaf, and many more. ***Major kudos to […]

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Reddit for Bloggers: A Step By Step Guide For How To Use Reddit To Supercharge Your Blog

When most people think about growing or getting traffic to your blog, podcast or even just a basic website, you probably think of the usual suspects: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and/or if you are lucky enough to have a large one- your email list. The reality is the traditional social media channels – especially Facebook and […]

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